Que Piensas

Que piensas cuando piensas en mi? Que emociones te mueve el corazón cuando piensas en mi? Sera algo poderoso o algo pequeno en ti? Dime que tu alma se mueve dime que to soledad se muere cuando piensas en mi Dia tras dia, noche tras noche no importa donde siempre pienso en el momento queContinue reading “Que Piensas”

She Is

She’s my symbol of resistance. She’s a soother for my depression that I want it to leave sooner. She’s the mountain of all my hopes. She’s the foundation to my unstable mind with all the falls and slopes. She’s my muse for when my mind is blank. She’s my defusser for when my mind goesContinue reading “She Is”

Not Alone

Is today the day that they find a cure, for this depression, anxiety and feeling insecure? Will this be a lifelong road? Will this be a lifelong war? I can’t seem to get up anymore, I don’t have the same strength as I did before. Broken hearted, shattered mind, lost soul, Relentless demons, shaky foundationContinue reading “Not Alone”

Your Love

Love, is as evasive as the holy grail, as powerful as a mother’s embrace, as destructive as an atom bomb and can leave you hopeless and disgraced. The sensations that you give me, with a single smile in the warmest part of June, unmatched even by the heavenly moon. Your glances do not go unseen,Continue reading “Your Love”


I love the way your hair dances with the wind. The way your dress tugs tighter with every gust, revealing your deadly curves. Your eyes sparkle into the night, my guiding star when I am lost. Your whispers to my ear Sends chills down my spine. Your warm embrace melts my iced heart. Our soulsContinue reading “Romance”

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