I Guess

I guess this is my confession, this letter may not get your impression, but that’s OK. I guess this is where I tell you that I have always searched for you, but where are you? I guess this is where I need that faith, everyone speaks about, that I must have, in order to feelContinue reading “I Guess”

It Lives

It lives in the shadows, waiting to pounce at a moments notice. It lives in the darkness, waiting for me to lose my focus. It lives off of my fears, as the sleepless nights continue. It lives off of my anxiety, even though I lay next to you. It lives off of my insecurities, likeContinue reading “It Lives”


Echoes in my head, echoes in my brain, echoes when I think about the disaster again. Echoes when the rain drops hit the puddle, echoes when I see the bottom of the whiskey bottle. Echoes when I take that drink thinking I will escape, echoes when I dream of my lonely landscape. Echoes when IContinue reading “Echoes”


Looking out the window in the pouring rain, memories long forgotten seem to make their way, healed wounds start to give me pain. Hearing the thunder brings me back to a place I thought I left behind some time ago. Seeing the lightning lets me see the hurtful things you did to me, they comeContinue reading “Lightning”

Don’t Hide

I don’t hide my scars I don’t hide my pain I don’t hide from the dark as it just comes and comes again. I don’t hide when I bleed I don’t hide when I don’t believe that I will be OK and scream. I don’t hide when I let it go I don’t hide whenContinue reading “Don’t Hide”

The Beast Inside

The beast inside wants to feast.The beast inside cares the least,If it harms me.The beast inside surrounds me,The beast inside wants to be set freewith no care for me.The beast inside overwhelms me,The beast inside takes controland drives me to my depths.The beast inside me wants all,the beast inside me doesn’t care at all,if itContinue reading “The Beast Inside”


Every tear has a story, a memory, a start and finish. Every tear has a meaning, defined by the situation. Every tear has emotion, good or bad is the destination. Every tear you must hear, every tear makes me want to disappear. Every tear you must acknowledge, every tear is full of knowledge. Every tear,Continue reading “Tears”

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